Aseptic Filling

membrane style gland with irradiated bag.

FLEXIFILL'S range of aseptic filling machines fill a wide range of products using a sealed tamper proof membrane style gland on an irradiated bag.

The filling machines accept all commonly used bags and can be adapted to insert most commonly used fitments in the aseptic Bag-in-Box market.

Filling machines are available in many configurations to fill products from 2 to 1000 litres.

Steam Chamber

sealed chamber sterilised with steam only.

FLEXIFILL'S range of aseptic chamber filling machines sterilise the cap and spout using only steam prior to filling.

High temperature dispense fitments and high double ring spouts should be used with this system.

Fillers are again available in many configurations to fill products from 2 to 1000 litres.

Aseptic Filling

Todays consumer demands for healthy products has led to a growth in drinks which have been aseptically processed and packed.

The aseptic process allows food to retain its nutritional value, texture and flavours throughout its shelf life ensuring a quality product to the consumer.

Aseptic Filling Machines

Flexifill produce a wide range of filling machines to cover the aseptic product market.

Semi-automatic manual loading and fully-automatic loading fillers from 2-25 litres, available with fitment insertion and box loading.

A 1000 litre Bulk Container Filler and Pilot Filler for sampling product complement the range of filling equipment.