AW1M Filling Machine

fully-automatic aseptic filling machine

The Flexifill AW1M is an aseptic web fed fully auto filling machine capable of filling a wide range of high or low acid products using either 16mm or 32mm double membrane glanded bags from 1.5litres to 20 litres in capacity.

The machines aseptic filling system is 100% guaranteed and requires no chemical sterilants or laminar airflow.The system does not differentiate between high and low acid products and fills either with equal integrity.

A turbine flowmeter is fitted as standard with magnetic and mass flowmeters as options.

Integrated steam set is supplied ready to connect to main steam supply.

The filling machine has as standard fully automatic CIP (clean in place) and SIP (sterilise in place) modes and is steam sterilised.

Manufactured with 316 Stainless Steel product contact surfaces and 304 main frame these machines are built to a high standard and comply with CE marking requirements.

Operational description

Web fed bags are linked into the filler and safety doors are closed. Gland is automatically fed into the filling valve jaws where it is steam sterilised, outer membrane pierced and product filled to a pre-determined amount.
When filled, the rear membrane is heat sealed to the back of the gland to ensure product sterility.
Gland is again steam flushed and jaws opened which allows the filled bag to be driven through the machine to the separation station, this in turn pulls the next empty web fed bag into the filling valve jaws and the filling cycle begins again.
Previously filled bag is then separated from the web and either driven to the next station for fitment insertion or driven out the machine for loading into box.

Outfeed options

When combined with one of the many outfeed options the filler becomes extremely versatile and can be linked with any upstream and downstream case erecting and closing equipment.

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Typical output filling at 2 litre/sec flow rate to the filler is:

3.5 to 4 x 10 litre bags/min.