SA1M Filling Machine

semi-automatic aseptic filling machine

The Flexifill SA1M is an aseptic semi-automatic Bag-in-Box filler, capable of filling a wide range of low or high acid products including dairy products, juices, purees and concentrates from 2 to 20 litres in 16mm or 32mm membrane style glanded bags.

Bags can either be loaded from the front of the machine and filled by the operator. Or, the bags can be filled on a driven roller table and discharged through the machine onto a conveyor system. This can then be linked to automatic bag-in-box insertion and closure.

Manufactured with 316 Stainless Steel product contact surfaces and 304 main frame these machines are built to a high standard and comply with CE marking requirements.

The SA1M has a high degree of flexibility and can handle all standard Bag-in-Box fitments and bags used in the aseptic market.

Operational description

The bag is placed manually on the filling table and the gland is inserted into the jaws. The two hand start is then pressed and the gland is then steam sterilised, outer membrane pierced and product filled to the pre-determined volume.
When filled, the rear membrane is then sealed to the back of the gland to ensure product sterility. Gland is then steam flushed and jaws opened to enable bag loading.


Typical output filling at 2 litres/sec flow rate to the filler is:

2 x 10 litre bags/min.