BF1M Filling Machine

aseptic bulk filling machine up to 1000 litres

The Flexifill BF1M is a semi-automatic bulk filler, simple to operate and service.

Handles bags up to 1000 litres for both one trip and returnable containers.

With an optional small bag filling table, bags from 10 to 20 litres can be filled making this a very versatile filler. A model to fill particulates up to 20mm is also available.

All parts manufactured from stainless steel to a very high standard with CE conformity, material in contact with product stainless steel AISI316.

Operational description

The Flexifill BF1M is semi-automatic in bag loading and unloading but the filling cycle is fully automated.

Once the bag has been placed into the 1000 litre container and the lower gland located, the upper filling gland is then located in the jaws and the two hand start pressed. The empty bag is raised by the filling head and the filling cycle begins.

The gland is first steam sterilised and the outer membrane pierced. As the bag is filled it is lowered into the container whilst being monitored by the operator to ensure no creases or folds develop. When the bag has reached the desired volume set by the flowmeter or weighscale the rear membrane is then sealed and steam flushed and the gland released from the jaws.


Flexifill BF1M output is 4 x 1000 litres/hour.