Project Consultancy

solutions for all filler requirements

Drawing upon more than 30 years of industry experience, our expert team can provide you with innovative solutions to all your filler system requirements.

Our knowledge and understanding of the industry use of packaging materials, fitments and dispense equipment are major advantages when we initiate the design of new filling lines.

This information is key to ensuring the newly installed lines will function flawlessly. We are able to share this information on a consultancy basis - or as part of a full manufacturing commission.

Project Design

full design and manufacturing service

We offer a full design and manufacturing service for Bag-In-Box filling systems, including fully aseptic fillers and any special purpose requirements or adaptations to suit your packaging line needs.

Additionally, we can design, construct and install Bag-In-Box conveyor systems so as to optimise your plant layout for maximum efficiency.

Project Management

design and management

Flexifill can help you in your project management however big or small.

We can help with the design and management of process equipment, steri-tanks, control valves beyond the filling equipment.

We have undertaken the removal and reinstallation of complete filling lines from installations in one part of the country to another installation at a different location.

Flexifill project management will offer advice on the following components:
1 PROCESSING aseptic, non-aseptic processing.
2 PUMPING throughput, size, type.
3 BAGS size, material, gland, fitment type.
4 FILLING MACHINE aseptic, non aseptic, output.
5 CASE ERECTOR box size/range, speed, tape or glue.
6 BOX SPECIFICATION sizing of bags to boxes.
7 CASE CLOSING box size/range, speed, tape or glue.
8 BOX TURNOVER if required for palletisation, handle insertion.
9 HANDLE INSERTION specified if required.
10 CONVEYORS designed to suit factory requirements.
11 LABELLING specified if required.
12 PALLETISING configured to suit conveying.
13 SPIN WRAPPING configured to suit palletisation.
14 PALLET LABELLING specified if required.
15 CONSULTATION engineering, testing, training, service, support.