Pillow Bag

Available in single or webbed for high speed filling lines, in sizes from 2 to 20 litres with many different laminate, gland and fitment options for most applications.

Pillow Bag (metallised)

Metallised polyester laminate materials ensures long shelf life requirements for oxygen sensitive products. More robust in transportation, the bag is less prone to flex cracking.

Gusseted Bag

The gusseted bag is flexible and has a cuboid-shaped structure, with no seams. This gives it great stability and maximum emptying capacity. Suitable for use on semi automatic and fully automatic fillers with many gland and spout options.

Stand Up Pouches

Stand Up Pouches are flexible, spouted packages that stand erect by themselves on a shelf. Originally used on retail shelves for foodstuffs, Stand Up Pouches are now sold to hold a wide range of products in the detergent, household products and industrial markets.

Triangular Bag

The Triangular bag is a bespoke solution for viscose product that is hand dispensed. Used primarily in the baking sector these bags are made from food grade material and can be offered as an irradiated product suitable for dairy environments.