SA1 Filling Machine

semi-automatic filling machine with many options

The Flexifill SA1 is designed to be a flexible non aseptic semi-automatic Bag-in-Box filler, capable of filling a wide range of shelf stable or extended life products. The machine has a high degree of flexibility and can handle all standard Bag-In-Box dispense valves, taps and all types of bags.

The fill table model can handle bags up to 20 litres, and up to 1000 litres with the aid of a manual fill tube.

The filler has as standard full CIP (clean in place) and SIP (sterilise in place) modes and can be steam sterilised. A turbine flowmeter is fitted as standard together with a vacuum system to provide optimum air level when filling.

Manufactured with 316 Stainless Steel product contact surfaces and 304 main frame these machines are built to a high standard and comply with CE marking requirements.

The SA1 is highly versatile machine and can be a part of many different filling line configurations including upstream case erection and downstream case closing.

Can be supplied with stainless steel gravity roller conveyor with length and height to suit loading into box.

A version designed specifically for filling the bag directly into the box is available, the Flexifill SA1D, as used in many dairies.

Operational description

The bag is placed manually on the filling table and the gland is inserted into the jaws. The two hand start is then pressed and the bag is automatically de-capped.

The filling head automatically swings over to the open gland postion and lowers, this ensures a seal is made between the filling valve and the gland, filling of product is then started.

When the bag has filled to the pre-determined amount the filling valve is then raised automatically and the head swings away bringing the tap back to the empty gland position. It is then automatically re-inserted. The filled bag is then removed from the jaws.


Typical output filling at 4 litres/sec flow rate to the filler is:

3.5 to 4 x 10 litre bags/min.