AW1C Filling Machine

compact fully-automatic filling machine

The Flexifill AW1 MiniAuto filler is a compact, low cost, low maintenance, web fed fully automatic filling machine designed to target the small to medium user with a filling machine placed in the market between a semi automatic and a complete fully automatic filling line.

With a filling capacity of between
1 litre and 20 litres it is fully automatic in product filling yet can be manually packed direct from the machine or conveyed downstream for manual packing or to a dedicated chute loading module to place the bag into a box.

Because of its compact size (probably the smallest fully automatic currently available) the filler lends itself to the permanent or mobile user with options for freestanding, bench or mobile mountings.

The filling head is the same as all other Flexifill non aseptic fillers has been designed to give optimum fill quality without any spillage. Also, its easy access means easier cleaning, servicing and maintenance, thereby reducing downtime, productivity and running costs.

A turbine flowmeter is fitted as standard with magnetic and mass flowmeters as options.

The filling machine has as standard full CIP (clean in place) and SIP (sterilise in place) modes and can be steam sterilised. Manufactured with 316 Stainless Steel product contact surfaces and 304 main frame these machines are built to a high standard and comply with CE marking requirements.

Operational description

Web fed bags are linked into the filler and safety doors are closed. Filler will then de-cap the fitment, evacuate air from the bag and fill the bag to the programmed pre-set value. The bag is then re-capped, separated from the web and discharged to an operator or onto conveyor belt for downstream packing, the next cycle then begins.


Typical output filling at 4 litres/sec flow rate to the filler is:

10 x 3 litre bags/min.
8 x 5 litre bags/min.
7 x 10 litre bags/min.