90 degree Outfeed Bend

An in-line or 90 degree gravity roller outfeed onto a flat belt conveyor allows for downstream automatic or manual packing of the filled bag away from the filling area.

Chute Loading

Automatic chute loading loads the filled bag into a waiting box. The bag and box are then released for conveyance to a case closer.

The Autoloader module contains box control and box guidance mechanisms together with chute loading change parts to suit different box sizes.

All these parts can be adjusted or changed without the use of any tools to predetermined settings giving a changeover time of just minutes for different box sizes.

Twin Head Chute Loading

Twin head configuration runs two AW1 fillers side by side which doubles the output, but also allows the customer to run one machine independently if required.

When coupled with twin lane conveyor and control supplied by filler, this is the optimum filling line when linked with carton erection and closure equipment. 

Manual Packing

Manual packing is an option on all of Flexifill's fully automatic fillers.

This configuration is often supplied as an alternative to a twin head semi-automatic filler as it only requires one operator to load filled bags.

When production figures increase can be upgraded with a chuteloader module to make a fully automatic line when integrated with box erecting and box closing equipment.

Remote Chute Loading

Remote chute loading is another option offered. This gives the customer the oportunity to load the bag into the box in an alternative packing area such as a dry room or temperature controlled area.

Can also be added later if manual packing from a filler is the initial option.