AW1A Filling Machine

fully-automatic filling machine with sterilising chamber

The Flexifill AW1A is a compact web fed fully auto filling machine capable of filling a wide range of low or high acid products from 2 to 20 litres.

Although the machine is supplied as an aseptic filler customers also use this machine as an extended life (ESL) filler to provide the safety comfort of the sterilisation procedure. A turbine flowmeter is fitted as standard with magnetic and mass flowmeters as options. Integrated steam set is supplied ready to connect to main steam supply.

The filling machine has as standard full CIP (clean in place) and SIP (sterilise in place) modes and is steam sterilised. Chamber is sterilised using steam only and is monitored and interlocked. Manufactured with 316 Stainless Steel product contact surfaces and 304 main frame these machines are built to a high standard and comply with CE marking requirements.

The machine can handle bags with multi ring high temperature spouts. The dispense fitments include high temperature flip type bungs and caps.

Operational description

Web fed bags are linked into the filler and safety doors are closed. The filler encloses the cap in a sealed chamber then steam sterilises the cap and gland. The bag is then de-capped and filled with product, re-capped, steam flushed and released from chamber. The bag is then separated from the web and discharged to a waiting box, the next cycle then begins

Outfeed options

When combined with one of the many outfeed options the filler becomes extremely versatile and can be linked with any upstream and downstream case erecting and closing equipment.

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Typical output filling at 4 litre per/sec flow rate to the filler is :

6 x 10 litre bags per/min