Aseptic Transfer

product transfer from bulk aseptic packs.

The ability to transfer product from bulk aseptic packs to packaging lines without costly and time consuming re-processing has long been an industry goal.

Flexifill has now perfected the design of this complex engineering and is able to offer it as an add-on to existing filling equipment or as a specific project.

The aseptic transfer system is designed for the transferring of products from bulk aseptic packs of 200 - 1000 litres.

Suitable for low and high acid products including dairy products, juice, fruit and food ingredients.


Aseptic transfer system eliminates reprocessing and the associated labour costs. Automatic sterilisation eliminates risk of human error (lower cost manual system also available). Enhanced product quality due to no secondary heat treatment.
Construction method produces a fully aseptic transfer line and can be designed for integration into customers existing aseptic filling line. Compatible with existing aseptic filling machines.

Operational description

Bulk pack is attached at gland clamp ring. Using steam sterilisation the membrane of the gland is rinsed for a time and temperature.
The membrane is then pierced and product is pumped from the pack to filler or dispense mixer.
After completion of the cycle the empty bulk pack is removed the nozzle and then rinsed with steam, removing all traces of product from the nozzle area.
The next pack can then be connected and the sequence started again.